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Mỗi ngày chăm chỉ học một chút các bạn nha. Chúc các bạn sớm chinh phục thành công mục tiêu IELTS của mình!

1. As far as I know ≈ to the best of my knowledge ≈ As far as I can see ≈ From my point of view/ perspective/ standpoint/ viewpoint ≈ Based on my experience and observation ≈ On the basis of what I experience and observe : theo như tôi biết.

2. To address a matter ≈ to solve a problem ≈ to tackle an issue ≈ to handle a matter ≈ to settle a problem : giải quyết vấn đề

3. Be harmful to ≈ be detrimental to ≈ be deleterious to ≈ be injurious to ≈ do harm to st/sb: có hại cho

4. Be beneficial to ≈ be advantageous to ≈ be helpful / useful to : có lợi cho

5. To endanger st/sb ≈ to imperil st/sb ≈ to threaten st/sb ≈ to put st/sb at risk ≈ put st/sb in danger ≈ put st/sb in hazard≈ put st/sb in jeopardy ≈ to pose a threat to st/sb: gây nguy hiểm cho

6. The primary reason can be that … ≈ That is due to the fact that ….≈On the grounds that …. Because ….: bởi vì

7. On top of what I have just explained/ said … ≈ Apart from the above mentioned benefits/ explanations … ≈ Besides,… ≈ in addition,… ≈ additionally, … ≈ moreover, furthermore, … ≈ what is more,…hơn nữa, bên cạnh đó

8. Be very good at ≈ be excellent at ≈ be proficient at ≈ be competent at : rất giỏi về cái gì

9. To have a talent for ≈ have agift for ≈ have an aptitude for ≈ have a flair for: có năng khiếu về

10. To watch TV≈ To get exposed to TV channels ≈To immerse themselves into their favorite TV programs ≈To enjoy their TV programs : xem TV

11. To have trouble in Ving V have difficulty in Ving ≈ have matters in Ving V have problems in Ving ≈ To find it hard/ challenging/ difficult to V: gặp khó khăn khi làm gì

12. To be famous for ≈ be reputed for ≈ be renowned for ≈ be well-known for ≈ To acquire a reputation for : nổi tiếng về

13. To think highly of ≈to have a high opinion of ≈ to highly appreciate st: đánh giá cao …

14. Be expensive/ costly ≈ be at a prohibitively high price ≈ be at an exorbitantly high price ≈ To cost an arm and a leg ≈ to cost a fortune : đắt

15. … be the last thing I do ≈…be what I feel uncomfortable/ terrible with ≈ …. can be regarded as a nightmare to me ≈ ….be the thing I am not interested in ≈ … be the thing I feel terrible about :ghét cái gì đó

16. To cause st ≈ to culminate in st ≈ to lead to st ≈ to result in st ≈ to give rise to st ≈ to trigger st : gây ra , dẫn đến cái gì đó

17. I have to V ≈ have got to V ≈ I need to V ≈ it is necessary/ esential for me to V : tôi cần phải làm gì đó

18. To take measures to V ≈ to introduce solutions to V ≈ to apply policies to V ≈ to practice measures to V : thực hiện các giả pháp để làm gì

19. To improve/ upgrade/enhance/promote/ better st ≈ to make improvements in st : làm cho cái gì tốt lên, nêng cấp , cải thiện cái gì

20. To aggravate st ≈ to worsen st ≈ to exacerbate st: làm cho cái gì xấu đi

21. To long to V ≈ to yearn to V ≈ to have a yearning to V ≈ to have a desire to V ≈ to want to V very much: rất muốn làm gì

22. Maybe ≈ perhaps ≈ possibly ≈ probably ≈ in all likelihood ≈ in all probability : có lẽ , có thể

23. In general ≈ generally speaking ≈ broadly speaking ≈ on the whole ≈ all in all v by and large : nói chung là

24. To have desirable effects on ≈ to havepositive impacts on ≈ have beneficial effects on:có ảnh hưởng tốt đến

25. To have undesirable impacts on ≈ have unwanted efects on ≈ have disastrous/devastating influences on: có ảnh hưởng xấu đến

26. The best way to V … the most fruitful method to V ≈ the most effective way to V ≈ the most productive remedy to V : Cách tốt nhất, hiệu quả nhất để làm gì

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