100 câu bài tập Active and Passive Voice


100 câu bài tập Active and Passive Voice

Passive voice, ngược lại, được sử dụng khi hành động được thực hiện lên đối tượng. Trong câu này, đối tượng trở thành chủ từ và động từ thường đi sau nó. Ví dụ: “The mouse (chủ từ) was chased (động từ) by the cat.”

Active voice được sử dụng khi chủ từ của câu thực hiện hành động. Trong câu này, chủ từ đóng vai trò là người thực hiện hành động và thường đứng trước động từ. Ví dụ: “The cat (chủ từ) chased (động từ) the mouse.”

Sự chuyển đổi giữa Active và Passive Voice thường gây ra thay đổi trong cấu trúc câu và nhấn mạnh vào đối tượng hoặc người thực hiện hành động, tùy thuộc vào loại câu. Sự lựa chọn giữa hai dạng này thường phụ thuộc vào ngữ cảnh và mục đích của người nói.

50 câu bài tập chuyển từ Active voice sang Passive Voice

  1. The dog chased the cat.
  2. She is writing a letter.
  3. They have built a new bridge.
  4. Someone stole my wallet.
  5. The teacher is explaining the lesson.
  6. They will finish the project tomorrow.
  7. People speak English all over the world.
  8. They repaired the roof last week.
  9. He has eaten all the cookies.
  10. The company awarded him a medal.
  11. The storm damaged the crops.
  12. We clean the house every Sunday.
  13. The police caught the thief.
  14. The committee will announce the results.
  15. She sings a song every morning.
  16. They are painting the walls.
  17. Someone has broken the window.
  18. The chef is cooking dinner.
  19. They planted trees in the park.
  20. The kids love that story.
  21. The workers finished the construction ahead of schedule.
  22. People often tell lies.
  23. The doctor will examine you now.
  24. They invited us to the party.
  25. She bakes a cake for her birthday.
  26. The earthquake destroyed many buildings.
  27. He publishes a new book every year.
  28. The students memorize the vocabulary.
  29. They sell fresh vegetables at the market.
  30. The mechanic fixed my car.
  31. She has found her lost keys.
  32. They organize a concert every summer.
  33. The government raises taxes annually.
  34. He always tells jokes at parties.
  35. They send invitations to all the guests.
  36. The children are watching a movie.
  37. Someone left the door open.
  38. The tailor is sewing a dress.
  39. They will deliver the package tomorrow.
  40. She prepares breakfast every morning.
  41. They elect a new president every four years.
  42. The waiter brought us the menu.
  43. The storm blew down the trees.
  44. She wrote a beautiful poem.
  45. They sell tickets at the entrance.
  46. The baker bakes fresh bread daily.
  47. They are discussing the plan.
  48. The librarian shelved the books.
  49. The gardener waters the plants.
  50. She reads a book before bed.

Đáp án

  1. The cat was chased by the dog.
  2. A letter is being written by her.
  3. A new bridge has been built by them.
  4. My wallet was stolen by someone.
  5. The lesson is being explained by the teacher.
  6. The project will be finished by them tomorrow.
  7. English is spoken all over the world by people.
  8. The roof was repaired by them last week.
  9. All the cookies have been eaten by him.
  10. He was awarded a medal by the company.
  11. The crops were damaged by the storm.
  12. The house is cleaned by us every Sunday.
  13. The thief was caught by the police.
  14. The results will be announced by the committee.
  15. A song is sung every morning by her.
  16. The walls are being painted by them.
  17. The window has been broken by someone.
  18. Dinner is being cooked by the chef.
  19. Trees were planted in the park by them.
  20. That story is loved by the kids.
  21. The construction was finished ahead of schedule by the workers.
  22. Lies are often told by people.
  23. You will be examined by the doctor now.
  24. We were invited to the party by them.
  25. A cake is baked for her birthday by her.
  26. Many buildings were destroyed by the earthquake.
  27. A new book is published every year by him.
  28. The vocabulary is memorized by the students.
  29. Fresh vegetables are sold at the market by them.
  30. My car was fixed by the mechanic.
  31. Her lost keys have been found by her.
  32. A concert is organized every summer by them.
  33. Taxes are raised annually by the government.
  34. Jokes are always told at parties by him.
  35. Invitations are sent to all the guests by them.
  36. A movie is being watched by the children.
  37. The door was left open by someone.
  38. A dress is being sewn by the tailor.
  39. The package will be delivered tomorrow by them.
  40. Breakfast is prepared every morning by her.
  41. A new president is elected every four years.
  42. The menu was brought to us by the waiter.
  43. The trees were blown down by the storm.
  44. A beautiful poem was written by her.
  45. Tickets are sold at the entrance by them.
  46. Fresh bread is baked daily by the baker.
  47. The plan is being discussed by them.
  48. The books were shelved by the librarian.
  49. The plants are watered by the gardener.
  50. A book is read before bed by her.

50 câu bài tập chuyển từ Passive Voice sang Active voice

  1. The cake was eaten by him.
  2. The letter is being written by her.
  3. The book has been read by me.
  4. The door was opened by someone.
  5. The car was washed by them.
  6. The movie was watched by us last night.
  7. The computer was repaired by the technician.
  8. The keys were found by her.
  9. The cake will be baked by her.
  10. The song has been sung by him.
  11. The problem was solved by them.
  12. The window was broken by someone.
  13. The homework is being done by him.
  14. The report has been submitted by her.
  15. The cake will be baked by her.
  16. The house was cleaned by us yesterday.
  17. The picture was painted by her.
  18. The meeting is being organized by them.
  19. The tickets have been booked by us.
  20. The dishes were washed by him.
  21. The letter was sent by her.
  22. The test will be taken by him tomorrow.
  23. The tree was planted by him.
  24. The cake has been baked by her.
  25. The documents were signed by him.
  26. The mistake was made by her.
  27. The problem has been fixed by him.
  28. The message was received by her.
  29. The presentation will be given by her.
  30. The project was completed by them.
  31. The decision was made by him.
  32. The email has been sent by her.
  33. The window was closed by someone.
  34. The letter was received by him.
  35. The cake will be eaten by her.
  36. The goal was scored by him.
  37. The job was offered to her.
  38. The concert will be attended by them.
  39. The plan was discussed by them.
  40. The package was delivered by him.
  41. The lesson was taught by her.
  42. The question was asked by him.
  43. The party will be hosted by her.
  44. The movie was filmed by him.
  45. The decision was influenced by him.
  46. The problem was caused by her.
  47. The book will be read by her.
  48. The cake was baked by her.
  49. The idea was suggested by him.
  50. The concert was enjoyed by them.

Đáp án

  1. He ate the cake.
  2. She is writing the letter.
  3. I read the book.
  4. Someone opened the door.
  5. They washed the car.
  6. We watched the movie last night.
  7. The technician repaired the computer.
  8. She found the keys.
  9. She will bake the cake.
  10. He sang the song.
  11. They solved the problem.
  12. Someone broke the window.
  13. He is doing the homework.
  14. She submitted the report.
  15. She will bake the cake.
  16. We cleaned the house yesterday.
  17. She painted the picture.
  18. They are organizing the meeting.
  19. We booked the tickets.
  20. He washed the dishes.
  21. She sent the letter.
  22. He will take the test tomorrow.
  23. He planted the tree.
  24. She baked the cake.
  25. He signed the documents.
  26. She made the mistake.
  27. He fixed the problem.
  28. She received the message.
  29. She will give the presentation.
  30. They completed the project.
  31. He made the decision.
  32. She sent the email.
  33. Someone closed the window.
  34. He received the letter.
  35. She will eat the cake.
  36. He scored the goal.
  37. They offered the job to her.
  38. They will attend the concert.
  39. They discussed the plan.
  40. He delivered the package.
  41. She taught the lesson.
  42. He asked the question.
  43. She will host the party.
  44. He filmed the movie.
  45. He influenced the decision.
  46. She caused the problem.
  47. She will read the book.
  48. She baked the cake.
  49. He suggested the idea.
  50. They enjoyed the concert.

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