100 câu luyện tập Modal Verbs Drills


100 câu luyện tập Modal Verbs Drills

Modal Verbs là các động từ phụ được dùng rất nhiều trong tiếng Anh. Bài viết này là phần bài tập giúp các bạn nắm chắc cách sử dụng các động từ phụ này.

Đọc lại bài trước nếu muốn luyện tập về thì hiện tại: 99 câu bài tập về Hiện tại đơn và Hiện tại hoàn thành.

Phần Lý Thuyết: Modal Verbs (Các Động Từ Phụ)

Các động từ phụ (modal verbs) là một phần quan trọng của ngữ pháp tiếng Anh. Chúng thường được sử dụng để diễn đạt ý nghĩa của sự khả năng, ý nghĩa xin phép, ý nghĩa nghĩa vụ, và ý nghĩa quyết định.

Dưới đây là một số động từ phụ thường gặp nhất trong tiếng Anh:

  1. Can: Diễn đạt khả năng hoặc kỹ năng.
  2. Could: Thường được sử dụng trong các tình huống không chắc chắn hơn, và cũng có thể diễn đạt ý nghĩa lịch sự hoặc nhân từ.
  3. May: Diễn đạt khả năng hoặc xin phép.
  4. Might: Thường được sử dụng để diễn đạt một khả năng ít chắc chắn hơn so với “may”.
  5. Must: Diễn đạt một nghĩa vụ hoặc quyết định chắc chắn.
  6. Should: Diễn đạt một lời khuyên, quyết định hay đánh giá.
  7. Ought to: Tương tự như “should”, nhưng thường được sử dụng mạnh mẽ hơn.
  8. Shall: Thường được sử dụng trong tiếng Anh Anh để diễn đạt ý định hoặc hỏi ý kiến.
  9. Will: Diễn đạt dự định hoặc dự đoán trong tương lai.
  10. Would: Thường được sử dụng trong các tình huống không chắc chắn hơn, và cũng có thể diễn đạt ý nghĩa lịch sự hoặc nhân từ.

Bài Tập: Modal Verbs Drills

Hãy điền vào chỗ trống trong các câu sau với động từ phụ thích hợp từ danh sách sau: can, could, may, might, must, should, ought to, shall, will, would.

  1. You _______ bring an umbrella with you. It looks like it’s going to rain.
  2. I’m not sure if I _______ make it to the meeting on time.
  3. Excuse me, _______ I borrow your pen for a moment?
  4. He’s a very talented musician. He _______ play several instruments.
  5. You _______ start studying early if you want to pass the exam.
  6. We _______ go for a walk in the park this evening if the weather is nice.
  7. If you need any help, you _______ ask me.
  8. They _______ arrive at the airport at 3 PM.
  9. _______ I have a piece of cake, please?
  10. Students _______ listen to the teacher carefully in order to understand the lesson.
  11. She’s very tired. She _______ go to bed early tonight.
  12. _______ I open the window? It’s getting hot in here.
  13. If you work hard, you _______ succeed.
  14. You _______ see a doctor if you’re not feeling well.
  15. I’m not sure if I _______ come to the party tomorrow.
  16. You _______ study harder if you want to improve your grades.
  17. He’s a great chef. He _______ cook delicious meals.
  18. _______ I have a glass of water, please?
  19. They _______ arrive at the airport at 6 PM.
  20. We _______ finish this project by next week.
  21. You _______ try the new restaurant in town. It’s fantastic!
  22. If it rains tomorrow, we _______ stay indoors.
  23. He’s too young. He _______ stay up late.
  24. _______ I help you with your homework?
  25. Students _______ listen carefully during the lecture.
  26. She’s very busy. She _______ have time to meet you today.
  27. You _______ be more careful when you’re driving.
  28. If you want to lose weight, you _______ exercise regularly.
  29. I’m not sure if I _______ pass the exam.
  30. _______ you like some more coffee?
  31. They _______ be at the restaurant already. Let’s go and check.
  32. He’s a doctor. He _______ help you with your medical condition.
  33. If you want to be successful, you _______ work hard.
  34. We _______ watch a movie tonight if you want.
  35. You _______ pay attention in class if you want to learn.
  36. If you’re feeling sick, you _______ go see a doctor.
  37. _______ you please pass me the salt?
  38. I _______ call you later to discuss the details.
  39. They _______ be on vacation. Their house is empty.
  40. If it snows tomorrow, we _______ go skiing.
  41. She’s a good student. She _______ pass the exam.
  42. You _______ be more organized with your work.
  43. He _______ arrive late for the meeting.
  44. _______ I have your permission to leave early?
  45. We _______ start the meeting without him if he’s late.
  46. If you don’t understand, you _______ ask for help.
  47. They _______ be at the restaurant by now. Let’s go join them.
  48. You _______ take an umbrella. It looks like it’s going to rain.
  49. She’s a great singer. She _______ perform on stage.
  50. _______ I ask you a personal question?
  51. If you’re not sure, you _______ ask for clarification.
  52. He _______ need help with his homework. He’s very smart.
  53. If you want to get fit, you _______ exercise regularly.
  54. _______ you please pass me the remote control?
  55. They _______ be stuck in traffic. That’s why they’re late.
  56. She’s very talented. She _______ become a famous artist.
  57. You _______ eat more vegetables if you want to be healthy.
  58. If you’re feeling tired, you _______ take a nap.
  59. _______ you like to go for a walk with me?
  60. We _______ wait for them. They’ll be here soon.
  61. He’s very responsible. He _______ take care of the problem.
  62. If you want to be happy, you _______ focus on the positive things.
  63. They _______ be at the cinema. Their car is parked outside.
  64. You _______ drive carefully in bad weather.
  65. If you don’t want to be late, you _______ leave now.
  66. _______ I make a suggestion?
  67. She _______ be at work now. Let me check her schedule.
  68. You _______ be more polite to your elders.
  69. If you’re not sure, you _______ double-check the information.
  70. He _______ be home by now. Let’s call him.
  71. _______ you please lend me your pen?
  72. They _______ be at the party already. Let’s go and find them.
  73. She _______ be a great chef in the future.
  74. If you want to succeed, you _______ believe in yourself.
  75. You _______ take the first step if you want to achieve your goals.
  76. He _______ be on holiday. His office is closed.
  77. If you’re feeling sick, you _______ stay home and rest.
  78. _______ I offer you some advice?
  79. They _______ be in the library. Let’s go and check.
  80. We _______ leave early if we want to avoid traffic.
  81. She _______ be studying for her exams. She’s very focused.
  82. You _______ be careful with that knife. It’s sharp.
  83. If you want to be respected, you _______ treat others with respect.
  84. He _______ be at the gym. He goes there every evening.
  85. _______ you please turn off the lights before you leave?
  86. They _______ be lost. Let’s call them and ask for directions.
  87. You _______ be more patient with your colleagues.
  88. If you’re not sure, you _______ ask for guidance.
  89. He _______ be at the office. Let’s give him a call.
  90. If you want to be happy, you _______ focus on the present moment.
  91. She _______ be at the doctor’s appointment. Let me check her schedule.
  92. _______ I ask you a favor?
  93. They _______ be at the concert. Let’s go and join them.
  94. You _______ be more attentive in class.
  95. If you’re feeling stressed, you _______ take a break.
  96. He _______ be studying for his exams. He’s very diligent.
  97. _______ you please help me with this problem?
  98. We _______ be on the wrong train. Let’s ask the conductor.
  99. If you’re not sure, you _______ ask for clarification.
  100. She _______ be at home. Let me give her a call.

Đáp án

  1. should
  2. might
  3. may
  4. can
  5. should
  6. will
  7. can
  8. will
  9. May
  10. should
  11. must
  12. May
  13. can
  14. can
  15. might
  16. should
  17. can
  18. May
  19. will
  20. must
  21. should
  22. must
  23. mustn’t
  24. May
  25. must
  26. mightn’t
  27. should
  28. must
  29. will
  30. May
  31. should
  32. can
  33. must
  34. can
  35. must
  36. should
  37. May
  38. will
  39. must
  40. can
  41. will
  42. should
  43. will
  44. May
  45. should
  46. can
  47. must
  48. should
  49. can
  50. May
  51. can
  52. mustn’t
  53. should
  54. May
  55. must
  56. will
  57. should
  58. should
  59. May
  60. should
  61. can
  62. should
  63. must
  64. should
  65. should
  66. May
  67. must
  68. should
  69. should
  70. must
  71. May
  72. must
  73. will
  74. should
  75. must
  76. must
  77. should
  78. should
  79. must
  80. should
  81. must
  82. should
  83. should
  84. must
  85. Will
  86. must
  87. should
  88. should
  89. must
  90. should
  91. must
  92. May
  93. must
  94. should
  95. should
  96. must
  97. May
  98. must
  99. should
  100. must
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