100 câu luyện tập Phrasal verbs drills

100 câu luyện tập Phrasal verbs drills

Phrasal verbs là một phần quan trọng trong tiếng Anh, đặc biệt là trong giao tiếp hàng ngày. Dưới đây là lý thuyết chi tiết về phrasal verbs cùng với một số bài tập thực hành (drills).

Tóm tắt nội dung

Tóm tắt nội dung


Phrasal verbs là một phần quan trọng trong tiếng Anh, đặc biệt là trong giao tiếp hàng ngày. Dưới đây là lý thuyết chi tiết về phrasal verbs cùng với một số bài tập thực hành (drills).

I. Định nghĩa và phân loại Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs là sự kết hợp giữa một động từ và một hoặc hai tiểu từ (particle), có thể là giới từ (preposition) hoặc trạng từ (adverb). Sự kết hợp này thường tạo ra một nghĩa mới, khác với nghĩa gốc của động từ.

Ví dụ:

  • Look up: Tìm kiếm thông tin
  • Give up: Từ bỏ

Có ba loại phrasal verbs chính:

  1. Transitive Phrasal Verbs (Có tân ngữ): Động từ này cần một tân ngữ để hoàn thành nghĩa.
    • Ví dụ: Take off (Cởi ra, tháo ra)
      • He took off his jacket.
  2. Intransitive Phrasal Verbs (Không có tân ngữ): Động từ này không cần tân ngữ.
    • Ví dụ: Break down (Hỏng, ngừng hoạt động)
      • The car broke down on the way to work.
  3. Separable Phrasal Verbs (Có thể tách rời): Tân ngữ có thể đặt giữa động từ và tiểu từ.
    • Ví dụ: Turn off (Tắt)
      • He turned off the light. / He turned the light off.

II. Cách dùng Phrasal Verbs

  1. Transitive và Intransitive:
    • Xác định phrasal verb là transitive hay intransitive để sử dụng chính xác trong câu.
    • Transitive: cần tân ngữ
      • I looked up the information.
    • Intransitive: không cần tân ngữ
      • The plane took off on time.
  2. Separable và Inseparable:
    • Với separable phrasal verbs, tân ngữ có thể đặt giữa hoặc sau phrasal verb.
      • She put on her coat. / She put her coat on.
    • Với inseparable phrasal verbs, tân ngữ chỉ có thể đặt sau phrasal verb.
      • He ran into an old friend.
  3. Ý nghĩa:
    • Hiểu nghĩa của từng phrasal verb là cần thiết vì nhiều phrasal verb có nghĩa khác biệt so với nghĩa của từng từ thành phần.
      • Look up (tìm kiếm thông tin) khác với look (nhìn) và up (lên).

III. Các Phrasal Verbs Thông Dụng

  1. Go on: Tiếp tục
    • The meeting went on for three hours.
  2. Look forward to: Mong đợi
    • She is looking forward to her vacation.
  3. Take care of: Chăm sóc
    • He takes care of his little sister.
  4. Run out of: Hết, cạn kiệt
    • We ran out of milk.

IV. Bài Tập Thực Hành (Drills)

  1. She promised to (give) _________ the report by Friday.
  2. Can you (pick) _________ some milk on your way home?
  3. They need to (clean) _________ up the mess in the kitchen.
  4. He always (puts) _________ off doing his homework until the last minute.
  5. We should (set) _________ aside some money for emergencies.
  6. Don’t forget to (turn) _________ off the lights before leaving.
  7. I’m trying to (cut) _________ down on sugar in my diet.
  8. Could you (look) _________ after my cat while I’m away?
  9. She (ran) _________ into an old friend at the supermarket yesterday.
  10. They (broke) _________ up after years of being together.
  11. Let’s (start) _________ over and try to solve this problem together.
  12. He (fell) _________ behind on his rent payments.
  13. We need to (figure) _________ out a solution to this problem.
  14. The students (handed) _________ in their assignments at the end of class.
  15. She (dropped) _________ by to say hello on her way home.
  16. He (gave) _________ in to temptation and ate the entire cake.
  17. I (turned) _________ down the job offer because the salary was too low.
  18. They (put) _________ up a tent for the night.
  19. We should (break) _________ away from our routine once in a while.
  20. Can you (look) _________ into this matter and see what went wrong?
  21. She needs to (take) _________ up a new hobby to relax.
  22. Can you (get) _________ over your fear of public speaking?
  23. They (brought) _________ up an interesting point during the meeting.
  24. He (turned) _________ off his phone during the movie.
  25. I (ran) _________ out of milk, so I need to go to the store.
  26. Let’s (put) _________ off the meeting until next week.
  27. We should (work) _________ out a compromise that satisfies everyone.
  28. She (took) _________ after her mother in terms of her artistic talents.
  29. He (brought) _________ back memories of our childhood with his stories.
  30. Can you (look) _________ into the problem with the printer?
  31. They (set) _________ up a charity to help the homeless.
  32. I (came) _________ across an interesting article while browsing the internet.
  33. He (took) _________ on more responsibilities at work.
  34. Let’s (break) _________ for lunch before we continue working.
  35. She (handed) _________ out flyers to promote the event.
  36. I (ran) _________ into an old friend at the airport.
  37. Can you (turn) _________ up the volume on the TV?
  38. They (put) _________ off making a decision until they had more information.
  39. We should (look) _________ into booking our flights early to get a good deal.
  40. He (dropped) _________ by to see how we were doing.
  41. She (gave) _________ in to peer pressure and tried smoking.
  42. Let’s (start) _________ off the meeting with a brief introduction.
  43. He (came) _________ up with a brilliant idea for the project.
  44. They (broke) _________ up the fight before it got out of hand.
  45. I (turned) _________ down the invitation because I had other plans.
  46. She (took) _________ off her coat when she entered the warm house.
  47. Can you (pick) _________ up some groceries on your way home?
  48. They (set) _________ aside some money for their children’s education.
  49. He (handed) _________ in his resignation letter last week.
  50. Let’s (put) _________ off discussing this matter until we have more time.
  51. She (brought) _________ up an interesting topic for discussion.
  52. I (came) _________ across an old photo while cleaning out my closet.
  53. He (ran) _________ into some difficulties while trying to fix the car.
  54. Can you (turn) _________ down the music a bit? It’s too loud.
  55. They (put) _________ off their wedding until next year.
  56. Let’s (work) _________ out a plan before we proceed.
  57. She (took) _________ on the challenge of learning a new language.
  58. He (handed) _________ out flyers to promote the event.
  59. I (brought) _________ up the idea of a team outing at the next meeting.
  60. Can you (look) _________ after the children while I’m out?
  61. They (set) _________ aside some money for a rainy day.
  62. He (ran) _________ out of time and couldn’t finish the project.
  63. She (turned) _________ up unexpectedly at the party.
  64. Let’s (put) _________ off making a decision until we have more information.
  65. I (came) _________ across an interesting book while browsing the bookstore.
  66. He (handed) _________ in his homework at the last minute.
  67. They (broke) _________ up the fight before it escalated.
  68. Can you (pick) _________ up some snacks on your way home?
  69. She (took) _________ off her jacket when she entered the warm room.
  70. Let’s (turn) _________ down the offer and consider other options.
  71. He (set) _________ aside some time each day for exercise.
  72. They (put) _________ off discussing the issue until the next meeting.
  73. I (ran) _________ into an old friend at the grocery store.
  74. She (brought) _________ up the idea of a weekend getaway.
  75. Can you (look) _________ into the matter and see what went wrong?
  76. He (handed) _________ out invitations to his birthday party.
  77. Let’s (pick) _________ up the conversation where we left off yesterday.
  78. She (took) _________ on the responsibility of organizing the event.
  79. They (put) _________ off buying a new car until they could afford it.
  80. I (came) _________ across an interesting article while doing research online.
  81. Can you (turn) _________ off the lights before leaving?
  82. She (took) _________ on a part-time job to earn some extra money.
  83. Let’s (put) _________ off the meeting until everyone is available.
  84. He (ran) _________ into some unexpected problems during the project.
  85. They (handed) _________ out leaflets to raise awareness about the issue.
  86. I (came) _________ across a rare book while browsing the bookstore.
  87. Can you (pick) _________ up my dry cleaning on your way home?
  88. She (took) _________ off her shoes before entering the house.
  89. Let’s (turn) _________ down the volume on the radio.
  90. He (put) _________ off going to the dentist because he’s afraid.
  91. They (handed) _________ out samples of the new product at the event.
  92. I (ran) _________ into my neighbor at the supermarket.
  93. Can you (look) _________ after the dog while I’m away?
  94. She (took) _________ on a leadership role in the project.
  95. Let’s (put) _________ off discussing this until later.
  96. He (came) _________ across an interesting documentary on TV last night.
  97. They (handed) _________ out flyers to promote the event.
  98. I (ran) _________ out of ideas for my presentation.
  99. Can you (pick) _________ up some bread on your way home?
  100. She (took) _________ off her glasses to rub her eyes.

Đáp án

  1. give
  2. pick
  3. clean
  4. puts
  5. set
  6. turn
  7. cut
  8. look
  9. ran
  10. broke
  11. start
  12. fell
  13. figure
  14. handed
  15. dropped
  16. gave
  17. turned
  18. put
  19. break
  20. look
  21. take
  22. get
  23. brought
  24. turned
  25. ran
  26. put
  27. work
  28. took
  29. brought
  30. look
  31. set
  32. came
  33. took
  34. break
  35. handed
  36. ran
  37. turn
  38. put
  39. look
  40. dropped
  41. gave
  42. start
  43. came
  44. broke
  45. turned
  46. took
  47. pick
  48. set
  49. handed
  50. put
  51. brought
  52. came
  53. ran
  54. turn
  55. put
  56. work
  57. took
  58. handed
  59. brought
  60. look
  61. set
  62. ran
  63. turned
  64. put
  65. came
  66. handed
  67. broke
  68. pick
  69. took
  70. turn
  71. set
  72. put
  73. ran
  74. brought
  75. look
  76. handed
  77. pick
  78. took
  79. put
  80. came
  81. turn
  82. took
  83. put
  84. ran
  85. handed
  86. came
  87. pick
  88. took
  89. turn
  90. put
  91. handed
  92. ran
  93. look
  94. took
  95. put
  96. came
  97. handed
  98. ran
  99. pick
  100. took

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