Thì hiện tại tiếp diễn (Present Continuous tense) trong tiếng Anh thường được sử dụng để diễn tả các hành động hoặc sự kiện đang diễn ra vào thời điểm nói hoặc trong một khoảnh khắc gần đây. Chính vì phức tạp như vậy nên chúng ta có tới 8 cách sử dụng như sau:

Diễn đạt thì hiện tại tiếp diễn về hành động đang diễn ra vào thời điểm nói:

I am reading a book right now.
He is watching TV at the moment.
She is cooking dinner currently.
We are studying for the exam at the present time.
They are playing basketball right now.

Diễn đạt về kế hoạch trong tương lai gần:

I’m meeting my friend for lunch tomorrow.
We’re planning to try out that new café downtown.
They’re really excited to catch up, and so am I!
Then, this weekend, they’re visiting their grandparents out of town.
They’ve been looking forward to spending time with them for a while now. I hope they have a wonderful visit!

Diễn đạt về sự thay đổi hoặc phát triển:

The temperature is on the rise.
We’re experiencing a gradual increase in warmth.
It’s starting to feel more like spring.
The days are getting sunnier and hotter.
There’s a noticeable uptick in the mercury.
The chill is slowly giving way to milder conditions.
We’re witnessing a shift towards more balmy weather.

    Diễn đạt về sự khó chịu về một tình hình hiện tại:

    It’s really grating to hear her constantly moaning about her job.
    I find it really irksome that she’s always griping about work.
    It’s getting on my nerves how she never stops whining about her job.
    I’m really fed up with her endless complaining about work.
    It’s becoming unbearable listening to her incessant complaints about her job.
    I’m getting really tired of her constant bellyaching about work.
    It’s starting to grate on me how she’s always kvetching about her job.
    She’s always complaining about her job.
    He’s constantly interrupting me.

    Diễn đạt về những thói quen tạm thời:

    She’s been binge-watching TV shows lately, neglecting her assignments.
    They’ve been staying up until the early hours of the morning playing video games, causing them to oversleep for their morning classes.
    She’s been biting her nails nervously ever since the start of the semester.
    He’s been skipping breakfast to save time before work, but he knows it’s not sustainable in the long run.
    They’ve been procrastinating on their project by scrolling through social media instead of working on it.
    She’s been relying on energy drinks to get through the day during finals week, despite knowing the negative effects on her health.
    He’s always coming late to class.
    She’s forever talking on the phone.

    Diễn đạt về sự tạm thời, nhất thời:

    She’s using a borrowed laptop temporarily until she can afford to buy a new one.
    He’s staying in a hotel for the time being until he finds a more permanent place to live.
    We’re carpooling with our neighbors temporarily while our car is in the shop.
    They’re eating takeout every night temporarily because their kitchen is being remodeled.
    She’s wearing her sister’s clothes temporarily until she can go shopping for her own wardrobe.
    He’s using a makeshift desk for now until his new one arrives in the mail.
    They’re attending virtual classes temporarily until in-person classes resume at their school.
    They’re living with their grandparents while their house is being renovated.

    Diễn đạt về sự không hài lòng về hành động nào đó đang xảy ra:

    I’m really not pleased with how he’s handling the situation with her.
    I’m finding it quite displeasing the way he’s behaving towards her.
    The way he’s treating her isn’t sitting well with me.
    I’m feeling rather discontented with his actions towards her.
    I’m quite dissatisfied with the way he’s treating her.
    His treatment of her is really rubbing me the wrong way.
    I’m really not happy with the way he’s conducting himself towards her.
    I’m not liking the way he’s treating her.
    She’s not enjoying her job at the moment.

    Diễn đạt về kết hợp nhiều hành động đang diễn ra cùng một lúc:

    The children are playing outside while the adults are preparing dinner indoors.
    He is studying for his exam while listening to music.
    The chef is cooking in the kitchen while the waiters are serving customers in the dining area.
    She is typing an email while talking on the phone with a client.
    They are jogging in the park while chatting with each other.
    The students are writing essays while the teacher is giving feedback.
    The workers are assembling the furniture while the supervisor is inspecting the quality.
    They are talking and laughing over there.

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