Bài tập Listening 12: The Impact of Social Media on Society


Bài tập Listening 12: The Impact of Social Media on Society

Bài nghe Listening 12 sẽ nói về vấn đề ảnh hưởng của mạng xã hội ( Social Media ) đối với toàn xã hội. Sau đây là bài nghe.

Bài nghe The Impact of Social Media on Society

Câu hỏi

Section 1: Dialogue

  1. What aspect of social media is John researching?
    • A. Community building
    • B. Mental health effects
    • C. Privacy concerns
    • D. Spreading awareness
  2. What has Sarah focused on in her research?
    • A. Cyberbullying
    • B. Privacy concerns
    • C. Positive aspects of social media
    • D. Negative aspects of social media
  3. What example does Sarah give to illustrate the positive impact of social media?
    • A. Cyberbullying prevention groups
    • B. Fundraising for medical treatments
    • C. Online study groups
    • D. Social media marketing
  4. Which issue does John suggest including for a balanced view?
    • A. Fundraising success stories
    • B. Cyberbullying
    • C. Positive community impacts
    • D. Privacy concerns
  5. When do John and Sarah plan to meet again?
    • A. Later today
    • B. Tomorrow
    • C. Next week
    • D. In two days

Section 2: Lecture

6. Which platforms does the lecturer mention as examples of social media?

  • A. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat
  • B. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook
  • C. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • D. Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp
  1. What positive impact of social media is highlighted in terms of communication?
    • A. Enhanced marketing strategies
    • B. Organizing social movements
    • C. Reducing anxiety
    • D. Increasing online sales
  2. According to the lecturer, what mental health issues can social media contribute to?
    • A. Stress and loneliness
    • B. Anxiety and depression
    • C. Happiness and satisfaction
    • D. Anger and frustration
  3. What serious concern related to social media is mentioned in the lecture?
    • A. Cybersecurity threats
    • B. Misinformation spread
    • C. Cyberbullying
    • D. Economic impacts
  4. What is a positive use of social media during emergencies?
    • A. Marketing campaigns
    • B. Disaster response
    • C. Entertainment purposes
    • D. Educational programs


  1. B. Mental health effects
  2. C. Positive aspects of social media
  3. B. Fundraising for medical treatments
  4. B. Cyberbullying
  5. B. Tomorrow
  6. C. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  7. B. Organizing social movements
  8. B. Anxiety and depression
  9. C. Cyberbullying
  10. B. Disaster response

Bản Script bài Listening

Section 1: Dialogue

Instructions: Listen to the dialogue between two university students discussing their research project on the impact of social media on society. Answer the questions below.


Female Student: Hi John, how is your part of the project on social media going?

Male Student: Hi Sarah, it’s going well. I’ve found some interesting statistics on how social media affects mental health, particularly among teenagers. How about you?

Female Student: I’ve been focusing on the positive aspects, like how social media can help in building communities and spreading awareness on important issues.

Male Student: That’s a good angle. Have you found any case studies?

Female Student: Yes, I came across a community on Facebook that raises funds for medical treatments. They’ve helped thousands of people.

Male Student: That’s impressive. I think we should also look at the negative aspects to provide a balanced view.

Female Student: Agreed. Cyberbullying is a huge issue. We need to address that as well.

Male Student: Definitely. I’ll also include some information on privacy concerns. Social media companies collect a lot of data.

Female Student: Right. Let’s meet tomorrow to combine our findings.

Section 2: Lecture

Instructions: Listen to a lecture on the broader societal impacts of social media. Answer the following questions.

Recording: Lecturer: Good afternoon, everyone. Today we’re discussing the societal impacts of social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have revolutionized communication. They enable people to stay connected, share ideas, and even organize social movements. However, there are also significant downsides. Social media can contribute to anxiety and depression, especially among young people. Cyberbullying is another serious concern. Moreover, these platforms collect vast amounts of personal data, raising privacy issues. On the positive side, social media has been instrumental in disaster response and spreading important health information. Overall, while social media offers many benefits, it’s crucial to be aware of its potential negative effects.

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